The Foreword

One Thousand Showers 

I was a successful NCAA Division I soccer coach who was a champion for her athletes; who embodied everything the NCAA is said to be about. When I reported wrongdoing of a fellow coach my world was turned upside down by a culture of retaliation that engulfed an entire college campus. The recent scandals at Penn State and Rutgers show the harm that a university administration, drunk with power, can cause to individuals and even to the institution itself.

Despite my journalism background, the last thing I ever envisioned was writing a book. Journalism involves short, quick stories. This is a long painful story about subject matter that is so far removed from anything I ever thought about or involved myself in. I loathe politics. I rarely watch the news. Retaliation to me was something that happened on the playing field. It was a bad response to a hard foul. I did not want to write this book. But the never-ending and destructive actions of the university administration gave me no choice.

It can be a risk when you tell the truth, the whole truth. But in the scheme of things and when all is said and done, it’s a bigger risk not to tell the truth. Lies and deception have a way of festering within and poisoning your soul and destroying your spirit. Some will admire me for writing this book and others will resent me. Either way, the response of others is not a reflection of me, but rather a reflection of the individual and his or her own moral compass. I’m turning the mirror on them and daring them to take a look. 

Through my legal pursuits and all the accompanying aspects of my ordeal, I often said that one thousand showers would not cleanse me of the filth I endured while living and working in Nevada.

I look at this book as my one thousand and first shower.

 ~Terri Patraw